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The Book of Revelation fills most people with fear or confusion...or both!!! So many interpretations, so many opinions. Can we hope to understand the message of this book? Or should we just ignore it?
When we recognize Who it is that gave us this book, we may take it more seriously. Would it surprise you to learn that the Apostle John was not the author of Revelation, but was a scribe describing a vision he received? But then who did he get it from? The first 5 words of Revelation are "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", and excellent scholars have recognized that Revelation is "from" Jesus; that He Himself was given the vision to pass on through an angel to the Apostle John. John was told to "write what you see". He was a scribe; not the author.
We offer seminars, sermons, and straight teaching from the book of Revelation that will speak to your group and give them joy and confidence concerning the future. Our goal is education and illumination for transformation.
We will be in Desert Hot Springs California on January 24-25 at Grace Church. Then we will be in Helendale CA on January 31 at Grace Bible Church, preaching twice and doing the seminar in the evening. Love to see you there!
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