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Revelation Plain and Simple began when Pastor Jon MacKinney preached through Revelation after avoiding it for 25 years of ministry. After completing the 42 sermon series, he published a book called "Revelation Plain and Simple". He also began teaching a seminar on Revelation, constructed as an overview of the book with the purpose of encouraging people that they could read, understand, believe, and apply this wonderful book. This seminar is now called "Be Ready", because that is what Jesus has told His followers to do in the face of uncertainty. While the world will dissolve in fear and be wide open to the lies of the enemy of our souls, those who follow Jesus will be certain of eternal life and spiritual victory.

The goal of our seminar and preaching ministry is to encourage people that they can read, understand and believe the book Jesus gave to us. If we do that, we will indeed "be ready"!

Since 2006, Pastor MacKinney has taught this seminar in many places. In Russia, Mongolia, and in several places in the USA, Pastor MacKinney has taught groups large and small the big picture of Revelation. The seminar presents a gracious picture of what God is doing in the end times. Revelation gives us a description of the end times in a way that is relevant for all time! The seminar is always offered free of charge!

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