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Most people want to know how we approach the Book of Revelation. Because we believe God gave us this book to be read and understood, we believe it is readable and understandable. We approach it, then, like we do any other book of Bible, believing that the answers to our questions are found in the text itself.

We are futurist in our understanding, pre-millenial, believe the text should be taken literally and that the symbols used point to real events or people in the future.

Here's what one pastor says:

  • "Our church has been encouraged by Jon's keeping the main thing the main thing​ in Jesus' gracious apocalypse. God is in charge, beginning to end, and all who respond in faith to His invitation can rest secure in him. Through Jon's packed three hour Revelation Plain and Simple seminar, our people grew in undertanding the flow of the 22 chapters. And their confidence for daily living was strengthened by our always gracefully sovereign King Jesus."
  • Pastor Gary Bowman, Paseo del Rey Church, Chula Vista, CA
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