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There are several ways that we can serve you. We would love to come to your church or gathering and present either the full

3 1/2 hour seminar, preach in your service or gathering, or both!  A Sunday sermon dealing with God's revealed plan for the future is a great way to build interest in a seminar. And as you'll notice below, our book is available for purchase.

Order "Revelation Plain and Simple"

"Revelation Plain and Simple" is available on  Here's a link:

The book is also available at any of the seminars Pastor MacKinney presents.

Seminar Service

​The 3 1/2 hour seminar covers the book of Revelation using a Power Point presentation containing over 150 slides. The major themes of the book and its structure are covered, and the eternal conflict between God and Satan is explained so that people can understand their place in it. The approach is futurist, but the focus is not on eschatalogical debate. The book of Revelation is a gracious foretelling of actual events that will take place because God has promised that they will.

The seminar is offered free-of charge, and Pastor MacKinney only asks that he be able to make his book available for sale. Honorariums are gratefully accepted but in no way required.  Just go to the "Contact" tab and  schedule your presentation today!

Pastor MacKinney is available to address any group in any setting. He is Biblical in his approach, believing that Revelation was given to instruct and comfort believers. It also warns those in the darkness of the purpose and character of "the enemy of our souls" in time for them to receive God's forgiving and reconciling grace given through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Revelation is deeply theological and intensely practical for every person at any time. The truths in Revelation are timeless truths, and knowing and applying them to our everyday lives will bring about transformation.

From a pastor who brought the seminar to his church:

"Many find the last book of the Bible strange, terrifying, overwhelming and puzzling. It’s full of strange creatures and bizarre symbols. Our people were just as scared of the book of Revelation, believing that it was an impossible-to-understand book. Finally, they got answers at our 2011 Answers Conference. These conferences are designed to address controversial topics from a Biblical perspective.
Author and Pastor Jon MacKinney presented Revelation: Plain and Simple, a four-session workshop that cuts through the craziness. He did not provide magical keys or secret revelations. Rather, he took us through Revelation as God tore the mask off Satan and revealed the fallacy of his lies and the perversion of his character, all in time for us to turn away from the false “truth” of the enemy and believe God. Pastor Jon said, “Revelation is the gracious revelation of the righteous character of God, the powerful and victorious Lamb of God, and the lying character of the enemy of our souls. Revelation tells us about the end-times in a way that is relevant for all time.”
We were very pleased to have Pastor Jon come. He was a down-to-earth speaker, took and answered questions graciously, and left people feeling that the book of Revelation was an accessible book and good for edification. I also appreciate that he made this conference affordable for our smaller church in rural western Missouri. I heartily recommend him to other pastors and churches as a man you can trust."


Pastor Christopher Barnes, St. Luke Evangelcal Free Church, Wellington, MO

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